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  • E-mail: info@samextoursperu.com

Payment methods

VISA: Compared to other types of payments that we have, paying with a VISA card is 6% of commission charges. However, in the case of us having to reimburse you in any way, there will be a 6% fee charged to your card. Within the total amount of your purchase, we will have to calculate the reimbursement in its entirety. We will have to subtract all purchases made such as the purchase of entry tickets, the payment of hotels, providers, taxes and any administrative fees.

PAYPAL: For payments made by PayPal, the client will need to add on a percentage of the commission, in which you will be informed of before the confirmation of your reservation.

Bank Transfer: For payments made abroad to our checking account, the client will need to add on an additional amount, which you will be informed of before your reservation is made. Upon receiving the money from outside Peru via bank transfer, sometimes the amount received can vary and it can result in being less than expected. Once transferred, we will let you know about the exact amount of payment that we have received.

Meetings prior to your tour.

One or two nights before the departure of your tour, we will have a briefing at our offices or at your hotel. In some cases, it might be by telephone. Usually, the meetings take place between the hours of 6pm and 7pm, however the exact time and place of the meeting will be confirmed to you. This meeting is just so that we can coordinate the trip with you and provide you with any required information regarding the tour. We will also clear any doubts or worries that you might have at the meeting.

The payment of your final balance: We require that you complete the payment of your tour at our office or at your hotel the moment we meet. It needs to be before the beginning of your tour (in American dollars or in soles). We reserve the right to cancel your trip, if your completed payment is not made before your trip.

Train tickets: When you purchase one of our tours to Machu Picchu, it will include a train ticket to and from Aguas Calientes. We will be leaving from the Poroy train station or from Ollantaytambo, travelling on the Expedition train. Your return train ticket will go from Aguas Calientes to and/or Ollantaytambo or Poroy. While travelling along the Expedition train, the client will definitely be able to change his or her train class to the Vistadome or Hiram Bingham, while taking into consideration the change of cost involved. In the case of hiking on the Inca Trail and other trips that arrive at Machu Picchu, the return trip will be on the Expedition train. The train will leave between the hours of 6:20pm and 6:45pm, and at other times the train departure might be at 9:30pm. All of this information will be confirmed at the meeting we will have with you before the departure of your tour.

Modification of your train ticket: Along some trips, you will get the option to stay one or two more nights in the town of Aguas Calientes. We offer the option to purchase your train ticket for the next day or the date that you wish to travel (subject to availability). However, these extra fees will be added onto the client’s account (new ticket for entry into Machu Picchu, round-trip bus ticket, bus from Ollantaytambo back to Cusco, food, accommodation, among others). If you would like to change the time of your train ticket and there is the possibility of changing it, with the ticket being on the same train category as your original ticket or any other category, the client will have to take responsibility for the extra charges that these changes involve.

1. If you only had sent us some of the purchase cost or had pre-paid any reservation you had made, this payment will be neither reimbursable nor transferrable.
2. If you had completely paid for all of your purchase and you cancel your trip 4 days or more before the start of your trip, we will be able to reimburse you, subtracting all of the purchases made for your trip such as train tickets, bus tickets, entry tickets, hotels, taxes, payment to the providers, administrative payments, etc.) The remaining amount that you send us will require us to subtract the fees and/or any commissions that are sent to us. If the cancellation had been made 3 days before the start of your trip, we will not be able to return any of the payment, because this will result in us considering it a NO SHOW.

  1. SAMEXTOURSPERU will need to be notified of any change or cancellation of your trip as soon as possible. You need to be certain of the changes being made and will have to send us an email to notify us. Once the trip is cancelled, there won’t be any way to change this situation at all.
  2. Once the final payment has been made, it won’t be possible to return the payment for any cancellation that has been made.
  3. We can provide a letter to your insurance company for you.

VERY IMPORTANT: We strongly suggest that you stay at high altitude (at least 3000 meters high, in Cusco or in another city that has a high altitude) during the 3 or 4 days (minimum) before you go on your trip. This is to get us to minimize the possible illnesses that might result in being at high altitude. You also can help your body out in this way by acclimatizing yourself. To acclimatize yourself, you’ll need to drink a lot of liquids, adding a little bit of sugar to your beverages, eating foods that are rich in carbohydrates, avoiding tobacco and alcohol, and by drinking coca tea (an ancient and traditional tea leaf). The use of Diamox can also be useful. Please ask your doctor for a prescription.

Upon confirming your reservation, you will be expressing the fact that you fully accept all of our terms and conditions.

Note: The terms and conditions of service are subject to change without any previous notice.

Thank you once again for choosing us and we wish you a marvelous trip!