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Pucllana Temple


In the The Huaca Pucllana ruins are one of the few that still remain from the historic pre-Columbian period in Peru. It is an adobe ceremonial center that would have been used for spiritual ceremonies and sacrifices. It is said that it was built around 500AD during the height of cultural history in Lima. Incredibly enough it is located in what is now a residential area of the Miraflores district so it’s really easy to get there. The entrance fee is S/12 for a daytime visit. For only S/3 more you can visit during the evening when the lights and darkness bring even more mystery to the ruins.

Historical Center of Lima


The center of this great South American city is certainly worth a visit if you have a day to spend in Lima. The history of the city center is vast and interesting with impressive buildings like the Government Palace and the Archbishop Palace, which are home to the President and the Archbishop.


There are also a few great religious structures including the Basilica Cathedral, Basilica of our Lady of the Rosary Convent of Santo Domingo and the Basilica and Convent of San Francisco. These are all substantial buildings in the center of Lima and make for a good day of touring.


A definite must is to pass by the Chocomuseo, right next to the central plaza (Plaza de Armas). This chocolate shop organizes workshops and has chocolate tea, spicy chocolate and a variety of local specialties. You are guaranteed to come out stuffed and happy, ready for more sightseeing. A great way to see all of these fantastic sites is by doing a Free Walking Tour of the city, they operate all year round and start from Miraflores.

Larcomar (Larco Museum)


This shopping center is one the most popular attractions that travelers visit when they are in Lima. It is located in Miraflores, one of the nicest neighborhoods in Lima. Built into the side of the cliff and mostly underground, this mall makes for quite the sight. It has incredible views of the Pacific Ocean and is perfect to spend an afternoon shopping for some great Peruvian Gifts and Souvenirs. After shopping you can have dinner with a view in one of the many restaurants, go to their cinema and finish your night out with a drink in one of the bars or clubs.

The rising city of Lima, capital of Peru, offers incredible things for all travelers. Your tour to Peru is incomplete without visiting the beautiful scenic beauty of Lima Machu Picchu. This place offers you with many faces to see what suits you.

For a lot of travelers, the capital city of Lima is regarded as just a stopping position before or after a journey to more exciting Peru destinations such as the Machu Picchu, the Nazca Lines, or the Peru Amazon.

We offer you with Best Lima Day Tours when in Lima do as the locals and certainly visit the Magic Water Circuit, and magnetism appropriate for travelers of all ages.

This lately inaugurated park is located in Parque Reserve near the city center area of Lima and features a dozen of water fountains brightly lit up in the evening. Night time shows unite water, lights, sounds, and images for an experience that connects all the wits.

Finally, there is the outstanding Larco Museum, situated about 25 minutes or so from Miraflores. The museum hosts an imposing compilation of pre-Columbian artifacts, numbering more than 45,000 Article Submission, and surely one of the finest -presented areas in South America.


The places above are just a handful of fun activities and places to stay, in actuality, there are many more. Lima can seem like a complicated city to navigate – it is!

Lima is big, calm and has its own individuality and attraction.


One of the finest features of this enormous capital is it’s far above the ground cliffs and views over the Pacific Ocean. Even if you are only spending one day in Lima, then choose Lima Machu Picchu Full Day Tour to discover this wonderful city.

Great Walking Tour Lima