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Native Communities


Coexisting with native communities is part of daily life. Its cities are architecturally beautiful. Loreto is an experience that you will live to the fullest.



The mighty Amazon, the longest river in the world, crosses this region. Its forests grow on white sands and are home to an extremely diverse array of flora and fauna. In Loreto, you will find exotic places to visit such as the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve, with its pink dolphins, and the Allpahuayo Mishana National Reserve, which has different types of soils and native birds.



In the north-east of Peru, it mainly comprises the Selva Baja (lowland rainforest) or Llano Amazónico (Amazonian plain) region. It is also a border region.

Now with South American exclusive tours you can easily get away to South America and travel around the city of Iquitos, one of a few forest destinations for Peru Tour Packages.

The capital of the section of Loreto, Iquitos is a haven city on the Amazon River, being the 2nd largest river in the world but by far the biggest by water flow. 

The city is also the major settlement in the jungle on the planet that is only accessed by boat or by air thus, makes for a thrilling set up for your journey.

When you find yourself going to Iquitos Peru rainforest tours, the top 3 things that you need to do while exploring the city are: Explore the immense natural mysteries of the rainforest by visiting the breathtaking Pacaya-Samiria National Reserve, one of the major protected areas of Peru containing a great quantity of rich eco-diversity. 

The second place that we must include in your Iquitos Peru rainforest tours is the River Cruises. These sites offer an elite means to travel around the ecological paradise the Amazon River has to offer.

The plentiful wildlife is most lively at sunrise, a particular time during which you can have high regard for the beauty of nature after a calming night on a riverboat.

To add more fun and enjoyment in your trip what will be best then adding great flavors of food into your mouth.

The cuisine in Iquitos is unlike any other foods in the earth and a must do doings during your Peru Tour Packages.  There are a lot of attractions and things to do in Iquitos the city and this list is a little part of all the things you can do during your trip.

While Puerto Maldonado is an immense destination for exploring the jungle, Iquitos is worth taking into consideration while planning any of your Peru vacations.