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Inti Raymi Sun's Festival



The Inti Raymi or Festival of the Sun was an Inca ceremony that took place on an annual basis in Cusco, the capital of Tawantinsuyo, between the end of the harvest period and the beginning of the vernal equinox of the Andes, in the second half of June. The Inti Raymi at the time of the Incas was the equivalent of what today is for us the New Year festival. This was a party at which a new year began and ended all the previous "crop year" between the months of May to June, and also began the new agricultural cycle from July, so the period since the last week of June and early July was a period of transition from an old agricultural year to a new one, then the party was dedicated to that event.

Inti Raymi (The Great Festival of the Sun), Festival of the magnificent ritual of the Sun in the esplanade of Sacsayhuaman where you will be able to apprecciate the most venerated Incas celebration.



  • Ceremonial Initiation

    • Report the 4 Regions: Qollasuyu, Kuntisuyu, Antisuyu and Chinchaysuyu.

  • Ritual of the sacred Chicha a corn drink

  • Ritual of the Holy Fire

  • Sacrifice of the llama (Andean cameloid) and auguries.

  • Rite of Sankhu (holy bread)

  • Q'ochurikuy (Dances and music)



On June 24 th, the feast in honor of the Sun God, is made in the three historic and natural settings usually used for staging:

  • The Qorikancha (Siege of gold): In Inca times was the main temple dedicated to the sun.

  • The Plaza de Armas (or Plaza Auqaypata or Warrior Square): During the Inca Empire, this vast square was used for the ceremony, which took place entirely in the great ushnu or ceremonial platform.

  • Saqsaywaman (voice which derives from the Quechua words "saqsay" and "waman" which translated into Spanish means "falcon, satiated"). This impressive archaeological site is located at 3,555 meters above the sea level, and one kilometer and half from Cusco city. Final staging - acts (Saqsaywaman)

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Tour Includes

Pick up from your hotel - Ceremonies at Qoricancha and Auqaypata - Admission fee (with reserved seat in Saqsawaman) - Private Transport in and return - Experienced Tour Guide in English - Box lunch (Vegetarian meals by request) - Ceremony Brochure and DVD