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Arequipa Colca Canyon



At the top of the canyon there are scenic viewpoints placed strategically to allow visitors to admire the landscape and the flight of the majestic condor.

Outdoor Sports 


A never-ending destination that combines natural riches, living history, and adventure sports like canoeing, mountain biking, mountaineering, hiking, and horse-riding. The canyon is 11,154 feet (3,400 meters) deep.  



Along the length of the valley there are fourteen colonial towns, where it is possible to see extraordinary examples of civil and religious architecture, stone houses with thatched roofs, and temples such as those of the Lari, Yanque, Cabanoconde, and Sibayo, which constitute true masterpieces of Mestizo Baroque art.

Arequipa is Peru’s 2nd largest city. It is questionably the most broad-based place after Lima, but it also has an ever-present record and an obviously exclusive regional sentiment.

The cultural attractiveness of Guided Tours to Peru is complemented by its surrounding scenery; one of the most scenic in Peru is Punocolca canyon Arequipa tours.

 The city, surrounded by volcanic mountains and flourishing valleys, enjoys a year-round moderate climate which has earned it the title of city of everlasting spring.

As the Peru Adventure Tours continues, elevations go up and the views great increasingly more amazing.

Tours include a stop in Chivay, a small town surrounding this place that retains a lot of its traditions. From the town of Coporaque, travelers can be grateful for views of the canyon’s agricultural terraces. The Calera hot springs are a small distance away.

The best part of the tour is a stop at the Mirador de la Cruz Del Condor, a must watch point ideal for spotting soaring condors and for enjoying the monumental deepness of the canyon.

Adventure travelers can also walk through the canyon, either with a planned tour or alone and for any number of days depending on how much of the punocolca canyon and how many towns you want to see. 

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