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Chan Chan



Chan Chan is the largest pre-Hispanic mud city in the Americas. Declared a World Heritage site by UNESCO in 1986. Chan Chan is thought to have been the capital of the Chimú kingdom, originally extending over more than 7 square miles (20 sq km) from Huanchaco Port to the Campana hills.



The original name is not known, nor if the denomination of Chan Chan included the whole city. The first chroniclers do not indicate this name, but they refer to the place as "The City of Chimo" -name given to the valley-or Palacios del Gran Chimú.


In 1791, the name Chan Chan appears in the magazine El Mercurio Peruano, as a reference to this archaeological site. The study of ancient documents indicates that the name Chan Chan, corresponded to nitrates that were located near the road to Huanchaco, located within what we now call Chan Chan.


The meaning of Chan Chan as a derivative Muchic Jan Jan, Sun Sun, is due to Ernst Middendorf (1892). According to Zevallos Quiñones the term has no relation to the area, since Quingñam was spoken here. The name Chechengo (1679) could have been the most remote antecedent of the current denomination.



Archaeologists believe that it housed over 100,000 workshops, streets, walls and pyramid-shaped temples. Its massive walls are decorated with geometric figures, stylized animals and mythological creatures.

When the Spaniards arrived in 1534, the city was abandoned and had lost its political importance. While Huayna Capac was in Quito, he had to counteract a Chimu uprising in Chan Chan, which was repelled harshly. There is evidence that part of the city was burned, and the royal family, led by Huamanchumo transferred to the town of Mansiche.

Chan Chan Tours in Trujillo, Peru

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Built out of limestone, Chan Chan was the major and most inspiring towns of Latin America, before Columbus discovered the continent. The place is now full of tourists all around the year and people enjoy their holidays in Peru for hosting a large number of quite extraordinary monuments.

Established in 850 AD, the Inca took a power of town for over 500 years and they added their various successful contributions to the constructions of the city as well.

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