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Ballestas Islands

Wildlife Sanctuary

The Ballestas Islands is a vibrant and colorful wildlife sanctuary that is filled with wild birds and mammals, including sea lions, fur seals, and endangered Humboldt penguins. During this two hour boat tour you will come face-to-face with these animals in their natural habitation while you are onboard a speedboat. On rare occasions, it is even possible to see dolphins and whales. Obviously, this tour is a spectacular choice for animal lovers and birdwatchers. In addition to the animals named above, a wide range of seabirds also call these rocky islands their home. You may see and hear pelicans, boobies, red-footed Guanay cormorants, and many other types of birds. 


Water Adventure


The Ballestas Islands constitute a habitat for a wide variety of birds and sea lions, which can be easily seen from a motorboat. The trip around the islands is one of the most popular from Paracas.

Source of Commerce


Early in the 20th century, the guano (bird droppings) from all these birds was collected and sold as fertilizer. Due to the vast quantities of this valuable substance, this became a major source of revenue for businesses on the coast. 


During this tour, you can observe a mysterious geoglyph, similar to the Nazca Lines, that was carved into the face of a cliff over 1,000 years ago. This symbol is called The Candelabra, and it remains the source of much speculation and debate. It likely was created by the Paracas tribe living in the coast at that time, for reasons unknown.

Now on your Peru vacation travel around the south coast, where a diversity of wildlife can be found easily. Explore the natural treasures of the south with us, from the Paracas Reserve and the Ballestas Islands to the Nazca Lines.

Our expert tour and travel experts help you in the complete process of making your Best Ballestas Islands Peru Tours comfortable and relaxing.

The Ballestas Islands is one of Peru’s least recognized tourist attractions, even though their closeness to the capital (Lima) means that an awe-inspiring majority of visitors to the country will end up visiting them nevertheless.

To add more colors and fun to your tour you can choose our Paracas Tours Activities 2019. It is one of those exceptional treats which make known themselves only upon onset; the Ballestas is a set of rocky islets, just a few kilometers off the western coast of Peru.

Also from Pisco tours, you can head to the Ballestas Islands. Only conveniently by an hour and a half boat travel, the rocky islands of the Ballestas are habitat to hundreds of sea lions, birds, turtles, and the Humboldt penguins.

Your boat travels around will take you right up to the island so you can acquire an up close and individual sight of a lot of species that call these islands home. A trip around of the Ballestas Islands is the ideal means to begin the day, as most tours depart in the morning for superior views of the wildlife.

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