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Machu Picchu - Perú
Salar Uyuni - Bolivia
Galapagos - Ecuador

Luxury South American Exclusive Tours Perú

Designed by the Experts of Personalized Luxury Travel

The following luxury South America tours are all sample itineraries which have been selected to give you an idea of the amazing kind of personalized travel experiences we design for our guests, which range from family tours through Bolivia to luxury cruises around the Galapagos Islands. These are not packaged tours. All of our trips are individually customized, so even if you choose one of the sample itineraries below, your experience will undoubtedly be uniquely crafted.

Feel free to browse these sample itineraries for inspiration, and start thinking about what you want to experience during your customized luxury travel to Peru, Ecuador or La Paz Bolivia. At Samextoursperu we want you to have the experience of your dreams, not someone else’s, and we are here to talk through your ideas and help make your dreams a reality.

Luxury South America Destinations

Are you looking to explore South America with class? Ignite your travel bug by reading more about Samextoursperu’s destinations. South American Exclusive Tours Perú inspires memorable journeys. South American Exclusive Tours Perú creates experiences that are sophisticated, simple and conscious. South American Exclusive Tours Perú is the bridge that connects travelers with the spirit of magical places in Perú, Bolivia and Galapagos. South American Exclusive Tours Perú celebrates the roots and histories of these places making all dreams possible in an environment of respect for local cultures and the environment. All our South America tours can be completely customized and you can travel any time of the year. If tha whets your wanderlust and you’re keen to find out more, reach out to our travel experts. They can respond to your questions, queries and qualms about luxury travel in Perú, Bolivia and Ecuador. Don’t miss it!








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